Decrease fuel consumption

Decrease fuel consumption

10 ways to decrease fuel consumption

To decrease fuel consumption you do not necessarily need to buy a new car, just be aware that you do things wrong and take action accordingly. One of the basic ideas of an economic drive is to adjust the speed, so that you are forced to brake as little as possible and miss as little of the car’s energy. We have selected 10 pieces of advice in order to help you decrease fuel consumption.

1 Aerodynamics

If you mounted the roof rack or bike carrier you should know that these alter the automobile’s aerodynamics. This makes the air resistance be higher, and this is reflected in additional consumption of gasoline. If you use them rarely, you could get them off when you do not need them.

2 Set every journey you have by car

Short journeys, up to 10 minutes, should be combined into one route to avoid the need to turn off the engine. Cold engine will not operate within normal parameters, and this will not decrease fuel consumption.

decrease fuel consumption

3 Do not listen to loud music when you drive

Studies have shown that when the music of the car exceeds a certain volume, the driver tends to drive more aggressively, which makes him press harder the acceleration pedal.

4 Wheel pressure

Few people know an incorrect air pressure of the wheels leads to greater resistance to motion, so it is recommended that prior to inflate the tires, you shoud check in the car’s book for the right pressure.

5 Do not carry objects you do not need

Any object that you have in the car affects fuel economy because the engine will have to work extra to put the vehicle in motion. So if you have items you do not need to carry around in the trunk and you don’t use much, it would be good to leave them home in order to decrease fuel consumption.

decrease fuel consumption

6 Maintenance of the machine

The most familiar example is the change of oil or filters. This results in a ratio of less efficient combustion, and that means higher fuel consumption to produce the same power as a normal engine maintenance.

7 Exclude unnecessary electrical consumers

Any consumer puts your car to work, which in turn will cause the engine to use more fuel to produce power. Heated mirrors, heated seats may be in some examples of consumers without which we can live and by stopping them, we decrease fuel consumption.

8 Watch full tank of fuel

Few people know the more car carries, the more the engine intake increases. Weighing 60-70 kg for a long time is somewhat useless if you long drive in the city, where you cand find so many stations.

decrease fuel consumption

9 Warming has no benefit

Experts have found that leaving the machine to warm up before setting off shows no benefit, but perhaps even damaging the engine due to ineffective lubrication. Starting the engine 1-2 minutes before the departure is enough, even when it is cold outside.

10 Avoid driving during rush hours

This is probably the most obvious advice in order to decrease fuel consumption. When the car is bound to do more starting off as when it is sitting in heavy traffic, the engine makes more effort, and this also increases fuel consumption. This advice should be followed also in light of the fact that in the busy traffic you get filled with nerves.

We can not always follow these tips, but we should at list try to decrease fuel consumption for our personal budget and for pollution. Be curious! Be smart! Few people know!


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