About us

Fewpeopleknow.com is a site based on general knowledge mainly about cars and secondly, about many other subjects such as: science, it, technology, and electronics.

Our main goal is presenting to you the latest car technology, especially electric car and also to make Few People Know your source of culture and new information every single day. We want to come up with unique things, which are not so well publicized, but we would also like to debate very popular subjects .

When you read some of Few People Know’s articles and you say a little “wow, I didn’t know that”, that is the reaction we are looking for.

Here you will read about first cars of the world and also about the latest concepts in cars construction. There are a lot of technologies regarding eco friendly cars and here you will discover them. Also, in nowadays, electric cars are a necesity for the environment and for humans. Our mottos are ” Be curious! Be smart! ” and ” The future is electric. ” .

Our contributors are people with thirst for culture and learning new things. Few People Know’s contributors are majored in engineering and social science.

Few People Know is aware that culture is for brain what food is for your stomach. As a result, we offer you a piece of every domain, such as: music, nature, science, universe, geography, history and also sports. As Jawaharlal Nehru said, “Culture is the widening of the mind and of the spirit” and our purpose is to widen your horizons.

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